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Wanda Li
Wanda Li


Come on, you weasly wimps!
What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?
Yawnburger with a side of snores.

Voiced By

Lisa Yamanaka

First Appearance

The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks


Mrs. Li (mother)
William Li (brother)

Wanda Li is the boisterous tomboy of the class. She's always willing to jump into adventure and going where "no kid has gone before." Despite her tough exterior, she loves the ballet, especially The Nutcracker (Holiday Special). Her favorite singer is Molly Cule, and, like Ralphie, she loves sports. Despite appearing shorter than the others at times, she's the highest jumper in the class (Gains Weight). In Takes A Dive, she shows her love of pirates and desire to be one. She also has an interest in acting (Gets Planted).

She's voiced by Lisa Yamananka.


  • Wanda's mother makes her first appearance in Going Batty but doesn't have a speaking part. She returns in Ups and Downs and Under Construction. She's a science journalist and has a habit of keeping reptiles in the house, such as an alligator in the bathtub or a gila monster in the sandbox (Under Construction).
  • Wanda also has a little brother named William, who's a toddler. While he can walk and (somewhat) talk, he's still potty training and uses a bottle.


Wanda has black hair and fair skin. She wears a maroon vest, decorated with yellow flowers, over a pink t-shirt with matching maroon pants with black shoes and white socks. At times, it appears she's the shortest in the class.



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