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    • Arnold as Roger Daltrey (singer) because it might express another side to him, and because roger Daltrey had long, curly hair from about 1968 or 69 to the 70s.
    • Ralphie as Pete Townshend (guitarist, song writer, first to use the windmill move), as for athletics..he can smash up his guitar.
    • Tim as John Entwistle (bassist) because he seems like he'd be calm onstage, compared to the destruction caused by Pete & Keith
    • Carlos as Keith Moon (drummer, mad man) because Carlos is a wise crack.

    Apparantly I haven't thought this out real well.

    Work in progress.

    • Arnold as Roger Daltrey (read above).
    • T.J. (from Recess) as Pete Townshend because he's the best I could think of for the role. He needs to wear a fake large nose, though.
    • Sam (from Time Warp Trio) as …

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