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The Theme song of the 1994 The Magic School Bus PBS Television Series was sang by Little Richard.


(Bus Drives up, Doors open)

Ms. Frizzle: Seatbelts, everyone!

Arnold: Please let this be a normal field trip!

Wanda: With the Friz?

All except Arnold: NO WAY!

Arnold: Awww!

Cruisin' on down Main Street. You're relaxed and feelin' Good! (Yeah!)

Next thing that you know, You're seein'..

Ms. Frizzle: (Driving into ocean) WA-HA-HA-HOOO!!

An Octopus in the neighborhood?

Surfin' On a sound wave! Swingin' through the stars! (Yee-Ha!)

Take a left at your intestine. Take your second right past Mars!

On The Magic School Bus!

Navigate a nostril!

(Ralphie: Achoo!)

Climb on The Magic School Bus!

Spank a plankton, too!

Wanda: Take that!

On Our Magic School Bus!

Raft a river of lava!

On The Magic School Bus!

Such a fine thing to do!

Whole Class: Wooooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

So strap your bones right to the seat.

Come on in and don't be shy.

Just to make your day complete,

You might get baked into a pie!

On The Magic School Bus!

(Class runs up to Bus and enters)

Step inside, It's a wilder ride!

Come On!

(Bus appears under big title that reads "The Magic School Bus")


(Bus Drives away to reveal title of episode)

(Bus Honking)


When Ms. Frizzle is driving into the ocean, The Bus' Tires change colors slightly.


A Few Seconds Later,


The Tire changes to a darker color.

A few seconds before,

When Ms. Frizzle pulls the lever in the bus,

Ralphie is shown in the background.


When the close up of the bus is shown, Ralphie isn't there.


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