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Ralphie Tennelli


Is it just me, or...?
I think I'm going to be sick.

Voiced By

Stuart Stone

First Appearance

The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks


Dr. Tennelli (mother)
Unnamed father
Unnamed grandfather

Ralphie Tennelli is the class athlete and daydreamer. He plays a lot of sports, such as soccer, basketball, hockey, and baseball, and when he's not playing sports, he's daydreaming about playing sports. He is of Italian American descent, once mentioning that his mother's calzones "go down like rocks" in Ups and Downs. He has a distaste for anchovies, which his dad puts on pizza to keep him from eating it. He mentions in Kicks Up a Storm that he hates roller coasters and shows to have a weak stomach in For Lunch. Despite his occasional machismo, such as in Getting Energized, he has no problem showing when he's afraid (In the Haunted House, All Dried Up). Ralphie believes in aliens and mythological monsters, such as vampires (Gets Lost in Space, Going Batty). He loves superheroes and comic books, and he appears to be a science-fiction fan (as shown by his pajamas in Inside Ralphie). However, he might be reading too many after he beliefs that the Friz is a vampire in the episode Going Batty.

He's voiced by Stuart Stone.


  • Ralphie's mother is a doctor and appears in Inside Ralphie and Going Batty. She appears to have a playful relationship with her son, such as remarking "Even your jokes are sick" when he makes a lame joke when he's sick and telling him, with a smile, to stop being "such a pain in the neck" before she goes to talk to the Friz.
  • He mentions his father once in Gets Eaten, telling about how he puts anchovies on pizza to keep Ralphie from eating it.
  • His grandfather is mentioned in Inside Ralphie, being at the house while Ralphie's sick and his mother's at work.
  • In Shows and Tells he makes a side comment about there being a round photo of his Uncle Ed in his house, and his uncle's head is kind of pointy.


Ralphie is rarely seen without his red backwards baseball cap over his brown hair, even when he's sick (Inside Ralphie) or he is dressed up (Holiday Special). He typically wears a green t-shirt with a red "R" on it, green jeans, and red and white sneakers.

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