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Phoebe Terese


"At my old school..."

Voiced by

Maia Filar

First Appearance

The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth


Mr. Terese (father, tv series)
Unnamed grandparents (original books)
Cecil Byrd (uncle, chapter book)

Phoebe Terese is the new student in Ms. Frizzle's class, always comparing to how things were at her old school. The caring soul of the class, she also seems to be a little bit shy, her biggest fear being revealed as stage fright in Gets Planted. She's shown to love all animals, including bugs (Butterfly and the Bog Beast, Spins a Web), and she supports recycling, once proposing they build a recycling center on the empty lot on Decatur (Meets the Rot Squad). Despite her love of nature, she doesn't have much of a green thumb, as she can't grow a bean plant (Gets Planted) and thinks there's a rock inside of her plant (Goes to Seed). Despite her shyness, she's been flirty with all four boys, most notably Arnold.

She's voiced by Maia Filar.


  • Phoebe's father makes an appearance in Going Batty. He's blind and, like his daughter, mentions how things were at her old school. Her mother has never been shown or mentioned.
  • In the original books, she lives with her grandparents, her parents not mentioned.
  • In The Magic School Bus Science Chapter Book: Penguin Puzzle, she has an uncle named Cecil Byrd who is from Australia.


Phoebe has short auburn hair that curls out and up at the end. She wears a yellow headband, along with a yellow collared shirt, red jumper, yellow knee-high socks, and brown loafers. Her eyes appear hazel in Goes Cellular but are green on the Creepy, Crawly Fun DVD cover.

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