Phoebe Terese
Phoebe Terese
First Appearance The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth (1987)
Catchphrase "At my old school..."
Family Mr. Terese (father, TV series)
Unnamed grandparents (original books)
Cecil Byrd (uncle, chapter book)
Voiced By Maia Filar
Phoebe Terese is a fictional character on the animated children's series The Magic School Bus. She is voiced by Maia Filar.


Phoebe has brown shoulder-length hair in reverse flip, which she keeps parted behind a yellow headband. She wears a collared long-sleeve yellow blouse with a short red jumper over it. She wears long yellow socks and brown loafers.



Phoebe is a lovely young girl and the newest member to Ms. Frizzle's class, making her more shy than the others. Other than that, she is the caring soul of the class. She is a sweet, caring girl with a cute voice.

She has stage fright as seen in the episode "Gets Planted".

She also seems to be a bit of an animal activist as she genuinely cares about their safety and wants to do what seems right and fair.

Phoebe may also be a "Daddy's Girl" seeing she seems very close to her father. Also, its implied that her mother is out of the picture which makes their connection even tighter.


Phoebe is the new student in Ms. Frizzle's class, always comparing to how things were at her old school. The caring soul of the class, she also seems to be a little bit shy as her biggest fear is stage fright. She's shown to love all animals, including bugs, and she supports recycling, once proposing that they build a recycling center on the empty lot on Decatur. Despite her love of nature, she doesn't have much of a green thumb, as she can't grow a bean plant, doesn't grow her plant herself for the garden, and thinks there's a rock inside of the flower she grew at her old school.


MSB S1 E7 341

Season One

The sun

Phoebe is introduced in "Gets Lost in Space" but she doesn't mention her old school or make any indication she's new until "For Lunch." She shows her caring side and love for animals in "All Dried Up" when she creates Students Against Desert Scarcity ("S.A.D.S.") after Carlos goes on about the ones suffering in the desert. She learns the hard way that they don't need her. The class visits her old school in "Goes to Seed" to get her flower so their garden isn't incomplete when they're showcased on the cover of Plant It! magazine.

MSB S2 E12 022

Season Two

Open Wind

Phoebe helps Arnold chase down a dinosaur that stole his borrowed fossilized egg in "The Busasaurus." It's implied in this episode that she has developed a crush on him. In "Butterfly and the Bog Beast," the class is trying to come up with a new mascot for the school's soccer team, and everyone (especially Ralphie) dismisses her idea: The Butterflies. All but Arnold turn on her when Janet points out that the rival team, the Bulldogs, is Phoebe's old school's team. Eventually, they all compromise and name the team the Bog Beast Butterflies. In "Cold Feet," it's her turn to take Liz home for the weekend, but Liz is gone. When they track her down to a place called Herp Haven, Phoebe is sent to infiltrate the place with her pet busigator, "Valerie."

MSB S3 E1 044

Season Three


Phoebe is against taking honey from bees in "In a Beehive," and she's stuck on an ice flow with Liz, Ralphie, and the bus in "In the Arctic." She feels bad for a giant praying mantis in a 1950s sci-fi movie in "Spins a Web," wishing the military in the film would trap it instead. Ms. Frizzle takes the class into the film where Phoebe tries to make this happen. Her fear of being on stage is revealed in "Gets Planted," but despite it, she's turned into a bean plant to play the beanstalk in the class play, Jack and the Beanstalk.

MSB S4 E8 136

Season Four


When Arnold's skin is orange in "Goes Cellular," he wants to know the difference between his skin and Phoebe's. She's picked to represent the school in a Slam Dunk-a-Thon in "Gains Weight," despite the fact she can't do a slam dunk. She's a fox along with Arnold and Tim in "In the City," and she's partners with Arnold in "Takes a Dive."


  • Her father makes an appearance in "Going Batty." He's blind and, like her, mentions how things were at her old school. Her mother has never been shown or mentioned. Mr. Terese has expressed to Ms. Frizzle that he's glad that they transferred Phoebe to Walkerville Elementary.
  • In the original books, she lives with her grandparents. Her parents are not mentioned.
  • In The Magic School Bus Science Chapter Book: Penguin Puzzle, she has an uncle named Cecil Byrd who's an ornithologist from Australia. He accompanies the class on field trip to Antarctica.


  • Her first appearance is in the 1987 book The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth where she is "the new kid."
  • Being on stage in front of people is her biggest fear. ("Gets Planted")
  • She weighs 65 pounds. ("Gains Weight")
  • Her eyes are hazel in "Goes Cellular" but they are green on the Creepy, Crawly Fun! DVD cover.
  • She knows the metric system. ("Kicks Up a Storm")
  • In "In the Haunted House," she plays the saxophone.
  • She's left handed or south-pawed. ("Gets Ants in Its Pants")
  • In the books, she has a variety of pets at home.
  • Her old school is called "Phoebe's Old School." ("Goes to Seed")
  • The mascot at her old school is a bulldog.
  • She is answering the phone in the Producer Segment. ("All Dried Up")
  • In the Spainish dub her named is Andrea.


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