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Valerie Felicity Frizzle


Seat belts, everyone!
Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy
Come on bus, do your stuff!
Never say never!
As I always say...
As [relative] always says...
Hit it Liz!!
2 by 2 please
Single file please.
Dynamic Deduction!
To the Bus!
I couldn't have said it better myself


Dottie Frizzle (niece), Katrina Eloise "Murph" Murphy (cousin)

Voiced by

Lily Tomlin

Valerie Felicity Frizzle, aka "The Friz," is an eccentric and beautiful third grade teacher at Walkerville Elementary School. Ms. Frizzle uses a variety of unusual magic devices to teach the kids scientific concepts. The most notable of these is her magical school bus, a shape-shifting vehicle that seems to have a mind of its own sometimes.

Although Ms. Frizzle denies Arnold's claim that she knows everything, she always seems to know what her students are up to, even when they think they're keeping her in the dark (such as in Gets Ready, Set, Dough and Going Batty).

Ms. Frizzle has a cousin named Murph who owns and operates her own recycling plant. She used to be in a band called The Frizzlettes and toured with the now famous rock singer, Molly Cule. Eventually, she went into teaching and learned everything she knew about "busanautics" from the mechanic R.U. Humerus (who she may have had a romantic relationship with, as well, telling by their nicknames for each other). It would seem that Ms. Frizzle likes babies/young kids as shown in Under Construction.

It would seem that Ms. Frizzle has no fear, because no matter the situation, she will usually be laughing or smiling. An example of this is in the movie Spins a WebWhen the deinopis spider ensnares her in its trap, she is smiling and laughing even though the spider could harm her.

Despite her beauty and odd teaching methods, Ms. Frizzle appears to be on at least somewhat friendly terms with the school principal, Mr. Ruhle. At one point, Mr. Ruhle and Ms. Frizzle had made a bet on whether or not the latter could complete the light pinball machine she and Liz had built. If she couldn't, she'd have to give it to him, but she succeeded with the help of her students.

She's voiced by Lily Tomlin.

In the upcoming stage musical, she will be played by Heidi Blickenstaff.

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Ms. Frizzle has frizzy red hair in a spiral bun. She uses static electricity to make her hair all frizzy. She often wears a dress that goes along with what the class is going to learn about. The pictures on her dresses often move, thus causing Keesha to ask "Where does she get her clothes?" Often when she talks, her earrings light up or glow. When she snaps her fingers, says certain phrases, or wears certain clothes, she will usually do something, for example light up. Thus, causing one of the kids in her class to ask, " how does she do that?"

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