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Molly Cule, voiced by Wynonna Judd, is a famous and lovely rock singer and one of the original Frizzlettes (Ms. Frizzle's old band she used to tour with). She's Wanda's favorite singer. She appears in Meets Molly Cule and a photo of her hangs in Ms. Frizzle's house in Gets Charged.


Molly: Good, good (gasps) not good! There's still a speck of tar on my car. Wanda: (gasps too) There is?!

Arnold: What is it made of Ms. Cule? Molly: That's my little secret, Sugar.

Ms. Frizzle: And everything in the world is made up of molecules. Phoebe: Well, if everything is made up of molecules, wouldn't the tar be made up of molecules too? Ms. Frizzle: Right on target Phoebe!

Molly: Oh no, you don't Sugarpod. Yeah! That nasty tar is gone, gone, gone!

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