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Molly Cule, voiced by Wynonna Judd, is a famous rock singer and one of the original Frizzlettes (Ms. Frizzle's old band she used to tour with). She's Wanda's favorite singer. She appears in Meets Molly Cule, and a photo of her hangs in the Friz's house in Gets Charged.


Molly: Good,good(gasps)not good! There's still a speck of tar on my car. Wanda: (gasps too)There is?!

Arnold: What is it made of Ms.Clue? Molly: That's my little secret Sugar.

Ms.Frizzle: And everything in the world is made up of molecules. Phoebe: Well,if everything is made up of molecules,wouldn't the tar be made up of molecules too? Ms.Frizzle: Right on target Phoebe!

Molly: Oh no, you don't Sugarpod. Yeah! That nasty tar is gone,gone,gone!

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