Season 1

Episode Number Topic Guest Star
Gets Lost in Space 1 Solar System N/A
For Lunch 2 Digestion N/A
Inside Ralphie 3 Germs Dr. Tennelli
Gets Eaten 4 Food Chains N/A
Hops Home 5 Habitats Bella
Meets the Rot Squad 6 Decomposition N/A
All Dried Up 7 Desert Adaptation N/A
In the Haunted House 8 Sound Professor Cornelia C. Contralto II
Gets Ready, Set, Dough 9 Kitchen Chemistry The Baker
Plays Ball 10 Forces N/A
Goes to Seed 11 Seeds Mr. Seedplot
Gets Ants in Its Pants 12 Ants N/A
Kicks Up a Storm 13 Weather N/A

Season 2

Episode Number Topic Guest Star
Blows Its Top 1 Volcanoes N/A
Flexes Its Muscles 2 Body Mechanics R.U. Humerus
The Busasaurus 3 Dinosaurs Carmina Skeledon
Going Batty 4 Bats Mr. TereseMrs. FranklinMr. PerlsteinMr. Ramon
Butterfly and the Bog Beast 5 Butterflies N/A
Wet All Over 6 Water Tiffany
In a Pickle 7 Microbes N/A
Revving Up 8 Engines Mr. Junkett
Taking Flight 9 Flight N/A
Getting Energized 10 Energy Mikey Ramon
Out of This World 11 Space Rocks Dorothy Ann's Mother, Evan
Cold Feet 12 Warm/Cold-Blooded Harry Herp
Ups and Downs 13 Floating and Sinking Mrs. Li, Gerri Poveri

Season 3

Episode Number Topic Guest Star
In a Beehive 1 Honeybees N/A
In the Arctic 2 Heat Harry Arm
Spins a Web 3 Spiders General Araneus
Under Construction 4 Structures William Li
Gets A Bright Idea 5 Light N/A
Shows and Tells 6 Archaeology Show Announcer
Makes a Rainbow 7 Color Mr. Ruhle
Goes Upstream 8 Migration N/A
Works Out 9 Circulation Garth Sinew
Gets Planted 10 Photosynthesis N/A
In the Rainforest 11 Rainforest Ecology Inspector 47
Rocks and Rolls 12 Water Erosion Ashley Walker-Club Dupree
Holiday Special 13 Recycling Katrina Eloise "Murph" Murphy

Season 4

Episode Number Topic Guest Star
Meets Molly Cule 1 Molecules Molly Cule
Cracks a Yolk 2 Eggs Mr. Ruhle
Goes to Mussel Beach 3 Tidal Zones N/A
Goes on Air 4 Air Pressure N/A
Gets Swamped 5 Wetlands N/A
Goes Cellular 6 Cells N/A
Sees Stars 7 Stars Horace Scope
Gains Weight 8 Gravity Mr. Ruhle
Makes a Stink 9 Smells Flora Whiff
Gets Charged 10 Electricity N/A
Gets Programmed 11 Computers Mr. Ruhle
Mikey Ramon
Mr. McClean
In the City 12 City Critters N/A
Takes a Dive 13 Coral Reefs and Symbiosis N/A