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"Gets Eaten"
Season 1, Episode 4
The Magic School Bus Phytoplanktons
Caption: The Food Chain
Airdate: October 1, 1994
Writer(s): Jocelyn Stevenson, John May
Director(s): Lawrence Jacobs
"Inside Ralphie"
"Hops Home"

"Gets Eaten" is the fourth episode of Season 1 of the animated children's series The Magic School Bus. It originally aired on October 1st, 1994.


Arnold and Keesha were supposed to do a "Two-Things-That-Go-Together-Report," but they both completely forgot about it. Keesha only brings a tuna fish sandwich, and all Arnold brings is "scum" he got on his shoe when he stepped in a pond. The two don't have anything in common...or do they? Ms. Frizzle is taking them to the beach, too, But while there, she turns the bus into a fish!


At the end of the episode, when everybody is laughing, Ms. Frizzle is wearing a green dress. When the camera zooms out, she's wearing a purple one.

Ms. Frizzle1
Here, Ms. Frizzle is wearing a green dress.
Ms. Frizzle2
Here, she's wearing a purple one.

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