Holidays and Occasions

  1. Gets Ready, Set, Dough: Kitchen Chemistry: 109: Birthday
  2. Out of This World: Space Rocks: 211: Celestial Events
  3. In the Rainforest: Rainforest Ecology: 311: Earth Day
  4. Rocks and Rolls: Water Erosion: 312: Founder's Day
  5. Holiday Special: Recycling: 313: Christmas
  6. Goes Cellular: Cells: 406: Awards Ceremony
  7. Sees Stars: Stars: 407: Birthday Again
  8. Gets Charged: Electricity: 410: Valentine's Day

Sea Exploration

  1. Gets Eaten: Food Chains: 104: Fish Studies
  2. Blows Its Top: Volcanoes: 201: Ocean Floor
  3. Takes a Dive: Coral Reefs: 413: Treasure Hunting

Sports and Entertainment

  1. Plays Ball: Forces: 110: Baseball
  2. Gets Ants in Its Pants: Ants: 112: Filming
  3. Butterfly and the Bog Beast: Butterflies: 205: Soccer
  4. Makes a Rainbow: Color: 307: Pinball
  5. Goes Upstream: Migration: 308: Picnic
  6. Works Out: Circulation: 309: Triathlon
  7. Meets Molly Cule: Molecules: 401: Live Concert
  8. Gains Weight: Gravity: 408: Basketball


  1. For Lunch: Digestion: 102: Gastroenterology
  2. Inside Ralphie: Germs: 103: Infectious Diseases
  3. Flexes Its Muscles: Body Mechanics: 202: Orthopedics
  4. Makes a Stink: Smell: 409: Neurology

Technology and Engineering

  1. Revving Up: Engines: 208: Vehicle Maintenance
  2. Taking Flight: Flight: 209: Airplanes
  3. Getting Energized: Energy: 210: Alternate Energy Sources
  4. Goes on Air: Air Pressure: 404: Space Shuttles
  5. Gets Programmed: Computers: 411: Computer Programming

True or False

  1. In a Pickle: Microbes: 207: Trial
  2. Ups and Downs: Floating and Sinking: 213: False Advertising
  3. Gets A Bright Idea: Light: 305: Mystery


  1. All Dried Up: Desert Adaptation: 107: Adapting to the Environment
  2. Cold Feet: Warm/Cold-Blooded: 212: Adapting to Temperatures
  3. In a Beehive: Honeybees: 301: Pre-Hibernation Prep
  4. In the Arctic: Heat: 302: Survival in the Cold
  5. In the City: Urban Wildlife: 412: Finding Sanctuaries


  1. In the Haunted House: Sound: 108: Haunted Houses
  2. Going Batty: Bats: 204: Vampires
  3. Spins a Web: Spiders: 303: Horror Movie


  1. Goes to Seed: Seeds: 111: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  2. Wet All Over: Water: 206: Schoolkid Crush

Life Lessons

  1. Gets Lost in Space: Solar System: 101: Being Modest
  2. Hops Home: Habitats: 105: Letting Go
  3. Meets the Rot Squad: Decomposition: 106: Being Patient
  4. All Dried Up: Desert Adaptation: 107: Not Being Overprotective
  5. Kicks Up a Storm: Weather: 113: Being Yourself
  6. The Busasaurus: Dinosaurs: 203: Not Giving Up
  7. Under Construction: Structures: 304: Caring for Siblings
  8. Shows and Tells: Archaeology: 306: Keeping on Looking 
  9. Gets Planted: Photosynthesis: 310: Conquering Your Fears
  10. Cracks a Yolk: Eggs: 402: Being Responsible
  11. Goes to Mussel Beach: Tidal Zones: 403: Keeping Promises
  12. Gets Swamped: Wetlands: 405: Thinking before Acting


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Gets Lost in Space: Life Lessons Blows Its Top:  Sea Exploration In a Beehive: Survival Meets Molly Cule: Sports and Entertainment
For Lunch: Health Flexes Its Muscles: Health In the Arctic: Survival Cracks a Yolk: Life Lessons
Inside Ralphie: Health The Busasaurus: Life Lessons Spins a Web: Horror Goes to Mussel Beach: Life Lessons
Gets Eaten: Sea Exploration Going Batty: Horror Under Construction: Life Lessons Goes on Air: Technology and Engineering
Hops Home: Life Lessons Butterfly and the Bog Beast: Sports and Entertainment Gets a Bright Idea: True or False Gets Swamped: Life Lessons
Meets the Rot Squad: Life Lessons Wet All Over: Romance Shows and Tells: Life Lessons Goes Cellular: Holidays and Occasions
All Dried Up: Life Lessons In a Pickle: True or False Makes a Rainbow: Sports and Entertainment Sees Stars: Holidays and Occasions
In the Haunted House: Horror Revving Up: Technology and Engineering Goes Upstream: Sports and Entertainment Gains Weight: Sports and Entertainment
Gets Ready, Set, Dough: Holidays and Occasions Taking Flight: Technology and Engineering Works Out: Sports and Entertainment Makes a Stink: Health
Plays Ball: Sports and Entertainment Getting Energized: Technology and Engineering Gets Planted: Life Lessons Gets Charged: Holidays and Occasions
Goes to Seed: Romance Out of This World: Holidays and Occasions In the Rainforest: Holidays and Occasions Gets Programmed: Technology and Engineering
Gets Ants in Its Pants: Sports and Entertainment Cold Feet: Survival Rocks and Rolls: Holidays and Occasions In the City: Survival
Kicks Up a Storm: Life Lessons Ups and Downs: True or False Holiday Special: Holidays and Occasions Takes a Dive: Sea Exploration