Dr. Tennelli
Dr. Tennelli
First Appearance Inside Ralphie
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Family Ralphie Tennelli (son)
Mr. Tennelli (husband)
Unnamed father or father-in-law
Brian (brother or brother-in-law)
Voiced By Tyne Daly
Dr. Tennelli, voiced by Tyne Daly, is Ralphie's mother. She's a pediatrician, pulling that card to keep Ralphie home and in bed in "Inside Ralphie," despite his desperation to get to school. She seems to have an easygoing and playful relationship with her son, rolling her eyes at his bad jokes. She appears in "Inside Ralphie," "Going Batty," and is seen in "Rocks and Rolls." Her husband is mentioned in "Gets Eaten", but he has never appeared on-screen.


Dr. Tennelli is very much like a normal, caring mother. She does look out for her son while raising him as a single parent and also have a busy work life of her own.

She seems to be mature and is respectful towards Ms. Frizzle. She knows that Ralphie and his class go on a lot of exciting experiments, but it's not known if she knows the intensity of them, whether it's going back in time, shrinking and going inside the human body, or getting eaten. Like Ralphie, she says "Is it just me, or..." implying it runs in the family.

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