Dorothy Ann
Dorothy Ann
First Appearance The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks (1986)
Catchphrase "According to my research..."
"Wait a minute/second, wait a minute/second, wait a minute/second!"
Family Dorothy Ann's Father
Dorothy Ann's Mother
Evan (little sister)
Voiced By Tara Meyer
Dorothy Ann Rourke[1], also called "D.A.", is a fictional character on the animated children's series The Magic School Bus. She was voiced by Tara Meyer in the original TV series and is now voiced by ??? in The Magic School Bus Rides Again.


D.A. is the cute and very beautiful class bookworm, always looking for a fact in one of her many books. Her last name is never mentioned in the canon, books or TV show. She loves astronomy. She has a telescope on the balcony outside of her bedroom and gets a new, high-powered one for her ninth birthday in "Sees Stars." She also has an interest in physics. Despite her intelligence, cuteness and beauty, D.A. tends to have an argumentative personality and has clashed with the others from time to time, most notably Wanda ("Takes A Dive"), Ralphie ("Plays Ball"), and Carlos ("Blows Its Top," "Makes a Rainbow").


Dorothy Ann wears a purple turtleneck sweater, a turquoise pleated knee-length skirt, white panties, green ankle-length socks and purple and white sneakers (white and black saddle sneakers in some books). She also keeps her blonde hair up in pigtails with two red rubber hair bands.


MSB S1 E10 036

Season One

Dorothy Ann is introduced with the rest of the class in "Gets Lost In Space," but her researching habits are not shown until "For Lunch." Her first focus episode is "In the Haunted House" in which she's conducting the class as they perform her "Concerto for Invented Instrument". She's seen doing a chemistry experiment while the class bakes Ms. Frizzle a birthday cake in "Gets Ready, Set, Dough." Her last focus episode of the season is "Plays Ball." Excited to show off her new physics book, she's disappointed when the class only cares about the baseball game they were playing. She's even more disappointed when Ralphie leaves her book on the field, but they end up inside it, playing a friction-less baseball game.

MSB S2 E11 023

Season Two

The season opens with a Dorothy Ann-focused episode, "Blows Its Top." She and Carlos argue over discovering a new island until she loses her books to the ocean. Feeling lost and empty without them, she begs Ms. Frizzle to help her get them back, "Please, Ms. Frizzle! I'm nothing without my books! Me, books...books, me!" In "Butterfly and the Bog Beast", her mascot suggestion is a broccoli, and despite her choice of mascot, she sides with the others against Phoebe's butterfly idea. She speaks on "behalf of the court" during Ms. Frizzle's trial in "In a Pickle," and she's embarrassed by Carlos' brother, Mikey, when he brings up a heat rash she once got in "Getting Energized". In "Out of This World", she discovers an asteroid bound for Earth, more specifically, Walkerville Elementary and she gets the class to help her destroy it.

MSB S3 E5 275

Season Three

In "Show and Tells," Dorothy Ann and Arnold are representing Walkerville in the 10th Annual International Show & Tell Competition, and after researching Arnold's rare pumice collection, she's upset that he opted to bring an artifact she knows nothing about. She fights with Carlos again in "Makes a Rainbow," which is bad enough for Wanda to comment, "This could get ugly." She's made a rain-forest inspector with Tim as her assistant in "In the Rainforest" when they try to find out why Ms. Frizzle's cocoa tree didn't yield a good harvest.

MSB S4 E2 275

Season Four


Mr. Ruhle puts Dorothy Ann in charge of taking care of his pet Rhode Island Red rooster, Giblets, in "Cracks a Yolk," but she loses him once his master is gone. She turns nine in "Sees Stars," in which the class goes on a field trip before getting together for her small party to find her a star as a gift. As she was sick, she stayed home, but Liz is with her, eating cake and looking in her new telescope. She and Wanda butt heads in "Takes a Dive" when she wants to work as partners, but Wanda wants to go solo.


Her parents both appear in "Going Batty," and her mother appears again in "Out of This World". She has a little sister named Evan, who is blonde like her and their mother. Her parents also appear in a flashback in the episode The Tales Glaciers Tell, where they are revealed to be wonderful story tellers.


  • Her pigtails stay up without hair bands ("Goes on Air").
  • She knows enough about music to know how to keep time as a conductor.
  • On the Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! DVD cover, she has blue eyes.
  • She's very reliant on her books, thus referring to her as the bookworm of the class.
  • In "Meets the Rot Squad" she wanted to build an amusement park on the abandoned lot on Decatur.
  • She's highly knowledgeable in astronomy, enough to accurately track an asteroid.
  • She says "violet" as opposed to "purple." This is due to the fact that red and blue make violet and that the color purple is actually a red-violet color contrary to popular belief.
  • Despite not liking baseball, she's skilled enough to hit a home run that causes the ball to rip open.
  • Like Tim, she was never given a surname in canon. However, she was finally given one as Rourke in the newer TV series The Magic School Bus Rides Again.
  • It is hinted that she might have a secret affection toward/secret crush on Carlos, despite their differences, and the feeling could be mutual.
  • She is the only female student in Ms. Frizzle's class to wear a skirt as casual attire.
  • She is considered the most feminine of the students in her class and the only student to carry a handbag that is a popular accessory among females.
  • She has had 2 peeks of her panties.
  • In The Magic School Bus Rides Again, she uses her tablet instead of her books to do her research. This is due to the fact that electronic technology since the 2000s has been taking place and becoming more practical than using physical books.
  • She is the only student in her class to have blonde hair in the original TV series and in The Magic School Bus Rides Again. However, in the computer games that are based on the original TV series, her classmate Arnold (as well as his cousin Janet) has blond hair instead of orange making Dorothy Ann not the only student with blonde hair in those games.
  • She celebrated her 9th birthday in "Sees Stars" and so far the only student in Ms. Frizzle's class to have a birthday. This makes her possibly the eldest student in her class.


  1. Pigs in the Wind


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