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Dorothy Ann
Dorothy Ann


According to my research...
Wait a minute/second, wait a minute/second, wait a minute/second!

Voiced By

Tara Meyer

First Appearance

The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks


Unnamed father
Unnamed Mother
Evan (little sister)

Dorothy Ann (aka "D.A.") is the class bookworm, always looking for a fact in one of her many books. While she appears to be the "smart one" in the class, she heavily relies on her books, feeling lost and empty without them (Blows Its Top). It's rare for D.A. to name a fact off the top of her head, something the others have done from time to time. Her last name is never mentioned in the canon, books and TV show.

D.A. loves astronomy (Out of This World, Sees Stars). She has a telescope on the balcony outside of her bedroom and gets a new, high-powered one for her ninth birthday in Sees Stars. She also has an interest in physics (Plays Ball).

D.A. tends to have an argumentive personality and has clashed with the others, most notably Wanda (Takes A Dive), Ralphie (Plays Ball, and Carlos (Blows Its Top, Makes a Rainbow).

She's voiced by Tara Meyer.


  • Dorothy Ann's parents both appear in Going Batty, and her mother appears again in Out of This World. She has a cute and pretty little sister named Evan, who is blonde like D.A. and their mother.


Dorothy Ann has blonde hair and slightly tanned skin. She wears her hair in pigtails, which stay up without the hair bands (Goes on Air). She wears a purple turtleneck sweater, a turquoise pleated skirt, folded purple socks and dark red sneakers. She always has her pink messenger bag of books with her. On the Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! DVD cover, she has blue eyes.

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