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Carlos Ramon


Jokes and puns

Voiced By

Daniel DeSanto

First Appearance

The Magic School Bus In the Time of Dinosaurs


Mr. Ramon (father)
Mikey Ramon (brother)

Carlos Ramon is the class clown who is always known for making a pun or joke about the situation they are in. He is a hands-on learner by preferring to invent different devices rather than learn from a book. He is basically the opposite of Dorothy Ann. He tends to tell bad jokes and puns, which causes the class to groan "CARLOS!" in annoyance.

He's voiced by Daniel DeSanto .


  • Carlos has a paraplegic younger brother named Mikey Ramon, who appears in Getting Energized and Gets Programed. He's shown to be something of a genius, building inventions and contraptions much like his older brother.


Carlos has black hair and tanned skin. He wears a blue hoodie over a yellow t-shirt with red jeans and black and blue hi-top sneakers.

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