A Magic School Bus Halloween is a Magic School Bus Halloween special aired on October 31, 1995. It features both live-action and animated segments.


During the school camp-out of the city's museum, three students, Richie, Howard and Katie are lost until they meet a strange visitor who's full of stories and surprises. At the end of the special, it is revealed that Ms. Frizzle actually disguised herself as a visitor.

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  • Hugh Martin directed the live-action segments of the special. The live-action segments were also shot at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
  • This is the only time a character (Ms. Frizzle) is seen in live-action.
  • Danny Tamberelli who does the voice of Arnold plays one of the students (Howard).
  • Katie appears to be an amalgamation of Keesha and Wanda, while Richie appears to be a blend of Carlos Ramon and Ralphie Tennelli.
  • The three students say the catchphrase, "We've been frizzled!" at the end of the special before they jump in the air while hi-5.
  • The instrumental version of the theme song is played over the credits with a guitar solo. This is heard on various DVD menus.